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Applying the principles of finance to the monetary aspects and decisions of an individual or a family unit encompass the category of personal finance. Personal finance relates to how you manage your money and monetary resources and the ultimate goals aimed for. Where the money comes from, how it is spent, the associated budgeting, saving and investment of this money, and plans to make the money grow are all part and parcel of this discipline. This portal aims to provide information on the large number of topics that fall into this discipline.

07/16/2018 03:57 PM
Central Banks, Financial System and the Creation of Money (and Deficit)
Depending on the amount of money central banks create, we live in a crisis or we have economic development. It should be noted that central banks are not state banks but private companies. The countries have given the right of issuing money to private bankers. In turn, these private central banks lend the states with interest and therefore, have economic and of course, political power.

07/16/2018 11:15 AM
Basics of Revenue Recognition Audits
Revenue Recognition Audit reviews the accounting techniques of revenue recognition that are adopted by a company. This audit thus assures that the recorded information is compliant with National Accounting Standards which stand mandatory for a firm.

07/10/2018 03:40 PM
How Is NBFC Different From a Bank?
In this article, we will discuss the key differences between NBCFs and Banks. Both act as financial intermediaries and offer fairly similar services.

07/10/2018 03:23 PM
Top 10 Financial Experts in India
If you are looking for some great financial experts who gained a lot of success in their carrier then just go through this article. 10 Financial experts in India who are having great expertise in the field of Finance.

06/28/2018 02:42 PM
Opportunities for Africa to Deepen Financial Inclusion and Development
Use of technology innovation and digital inclined financial services has seen a remarkable endorsement in Africa. Mobile money accounts are growing and could overcome the number to those of financial institutions in Africa. The importance of digital financial service is enormous.

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