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This portal provides information on general nutrition, nutritional supplements, alternative herbal remedies and tips for maintaining your health through your diet. Basically if you put something in your mouth, that has an impact on your health. This is such a simple concept yet one which is increasing hard to implement in our modern lives. However if we actually consider how our lack of attention to our nutrition impacts our health, and consequently our productivity and general outlook towards our life, it becomes clear that we must start paying attention to our diets. Our nutrition deficient modern diets. The general goal of this portal is to emphasize two key points. First, we must realize how our modern diets are polluting our bodies. We must understand that modern methods of mass production both in farming and in the entire process of food production thereafter are depriving us of what nature intended for us. Today we lack or have a significant deficiency in so many vitamins and minerals within our bodies that is the direct result of our mass produced diets. To this end this portal aims to provide information on how and what types of deficiencies we are most at risk at and the steps we can take to counter these deficiencies and replenish our bodies.

Patience is a virtue.

Secondly, we must be patient. Upon embarking on a more natural and more nutrition rich diet, we must realize that our bodies take some time to positively respond to the change. We all have a very result oriented approach to all aspects of our life, this sort of approach is necessary to optimize our time and energy to adequately meet the challenges of modern life. However our bodies do not respond as fast and in as obvious a way as we have come to expect from everything. So please take some time to browse through the various categories below and please keep the above two points in the background as you browse.
06/16/2018 01:59 PM
Healthy Eating - Is Your Childhood Holding You Back From Being A Mindful Eater?
Chances are probably high that when you were a kid you did not like to eat vegetables. You may even have had a parent who offered you rewards to finish your greens. Despite their best intentions you probably did not understand the health benefits of vegetables until later in life. You may even have some food experiences that have prevented you from trying a specific food even as an adult. Food experiences as a child are very likely to carry over into adulthood, which is why we need to be careful about the lengths we go to get our children to eat certain foods.

06/14/2018 11:33 PM
How to Focus on Folate
Vitamin B-9, most commonly known as folate, plays many critical roles in the body. Folate, along with other vitamins, is an essential nutrient that human beings need to function properly. Your body can't produce vitamins on its own (except for vitamin D, but you don't make enough on your own so it's still considered essential), so you need to ingest them from exogenous, or outside, sources.

06/14/2018 03:17 PM
Amazing Ginger Health Benefits
Ginger is a fantastic rhizome due to Its numerous health benefits. A daily dose of this hot spice in food or water benefits the body. Its benefits are alleviating morning sickness, boosting mental performance, anticancer and antimicrobial properties.

06/13/2018 10:07 PM
Are Vegans Really More Evolved? Really?
Are vegans more evolved than other people? It depends on the perspective. This article takes a brief look at vegan diets and how evolved they are.

06/11/2018 02:59 PM
Healthy Living - Three Things You Must Know About Probiotics
If you are not on the probiotic bandwagon, now is the time to get started. As more and more research comes out on these super bacteria, we realize just how essential they are to our overall health. Many people do not know some essential facts and considerations about probiotics, however, and this can hinder their decision on which products to use - or which foods to eat.

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